Hey everyone!

It's take two of our Beta Map, this time, we're a bit more prepared and think we're good to go. Once again, this is a Beta Map so there'll be issues, even though we've tried our hardest to eliminate all the obvious bugs.

Why is HCGames different than Viper/Faithful/Lunar? 🤔

Simply, we're running on the newer versions of the game and are spending time and resources on developing new content and working with new content creators.

This server runs on 1.12.2 and allows all new versions of the game to connect, however we've spent our time trying to make combat as close to 1.8 as possible.

User with an Elytra and a Totem of Undying

This means that you'll be able to use items such as the elytra, totem of undying, and more that can be found randomly through playing, winning events and through rare crates.

What are the details regarding this map? 📚

We're going to be going for a fairly simplistic and normal map that'll last around a week unless serious bugs are encountered.

Map Kit
Protection 1, Sharpness 1
Archer, Bard and Miner Enabled

Faction Size
5 Mans

There'll be no SOTW timer, there'll just be a 1 hour immunity timer that'll allow you to enter your own claim and not take damage. You can remove this if you wish.

When is Start of the World? ⏰

Saturday, the 8th of February at 2:00 PM EST